Collection: Garbage Bags

Canadian Hotel Supplies' garbage bags play a crucial role in waste management, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for guests, residents, and employees across diverse sectors. Designed to handle various waste types, these reliable bags find applications in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and offices.

In the hospitality industry, where cleanliness is paramount, these garbage bags, known for their durability and resistance to punctures and tears, help uphold high standards. Their versatility extends beyond hotels to include medical facilities, commercial kitchens, and residential settings.

Complementing these, our chemical cleaning products seamlessly integrate into your cleaning solutions, contributing to the maintenance of a clean, safe, and inviting space, whether for hotel guests or office employees.

In addition to these options, our Paper Towel Rolls seamlessly complement your cleaning regimen, contributing to the upkeep of a tidy, secure, and welcoming environment—be it for hotel guests or office personnel.