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Hotel/Spa Quality Basic Bath Mat Floor Mat (20x30") (48pcs/Per Case)

Hotel/Spa Quality Basic Bath Mat Floor Mat (20x30") (48pcs/Per Case)

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Discover the perfect solution for a comfortable, dry, and secure bathroom experience with our hotel-quality bathmats. Ideal for hotels and establishments with high turnover, these mats boast a no-fuss design and premium fabric. Ensuring both practicality and luxury, these bathmats offer a cozy feel while maintaining a focus on safety. Crafted for quick turnover clientele, their durability shines through. For those seeking smaller quantities, we've got you covered - simply click the link to explore a more tailored option. Elevate your bathroom ambiance effortlessly with our bathmats, combining functionality and quality in every detail.

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      Product Details:

      • Fabric: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
      • Sizes: 20x30"
      • Color: White
      • Style: Full Terry
      • Weight: Counted by 12's
      • Use: Hospitality / Motel / Hotel
      • Shape: Rectangular


      Product Usage:

      Our Bath Mat is meticulously crafted to uphold cleanliness and dryness in the bathroom. It serves as an effective barrier, preventing slips and falls by containing liquids and spills, thus maintaining a neat and secure bathroom environment.

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