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Dove Professional Nourishing Milk Body Wash Refill 5L (3pcs/Per Case)

Dove Professional Nourishing Milk Body Wash Refill 5L (3pcs/Per Case)

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Elevate your guests' shower experience with the Dove Professional Essential Nourishing Milk Body Wash in a 5-liter size. This luxurious shower cream is designed for professional use, providing a spa-like experience with each use. Enriched with milk and vitamins, its unique formula deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Ensure your guests enjoy a pampering and indulgent bathing routine during their stay with this premium body wash. The generous 5-liter size is ideal for high-end hospitality settings, offering long-lasting quality and care for your guests' skin.

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Dove Professional Nourishing Milk Body Wash Refill 5L:

  1. Large 5-liter body lotion refill for hotels, gyms, or establishments with dispensers.
  2. The refill quantity varies based on usage frequency, users, and dispenser size.
  3. Consider quality and ingredients when choosing a refill, ensuring a lightweight and nourishing formula.
  4. Dove Professional offers nourishing protection, avoiding harsh chemicals for clean, healthy skin.
  5. Enjoy a soft and hydrated skin experience daily with Dove Professional.


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