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LED Mirror, Dimmable, Anti-fogging

LED Mirror, Dimmable, Anti-fogging

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Introducing an eco-conscious LED mirror with a touch-button dimmable feature, providing adjustable light intensity from normal to brightest. Save energy with 5000 bright sunlight, ensuring long-lasting functionality. The built-in anti-fog function eliminates the need for constant treatments, enhancing guest convenience. Versatile vertical and horizontal mount options facilitate easy installation. Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, this mirror aligns with sustainable practices. Elevate your hospitality setting with this eco-friendly and user-friendly LED mirror.

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  • Dimmable LED lights with touch button control
  • Option to change light intensity from normal to brightest with a 3-second touch
  • Energy-saving 5000 bright sun light, ensuring efficient power consumption
  • Long-lasting working hours for extended use
  • Built-in anti-fogging function for clear visibility, reducing the need for fog-free spray or constant rinsing


Hospitality product supply for hotels, BNB, resorts, shelters, retirement homes, campuses, banquets, restaurants, spas, and rehab.
Used for looking at yourself in the mirror, assisting you with any face treatment you may be needing to do.

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Experience the trend in hospitality lighting with LED mirrors—perfect for bathrooms, dressing rooms, and areas requiring optimal illumination. Key features include customizable dimming, a convenient switch button for easy control, anti-fogging for a clear reflection during steamy showers, and energy efficiency, contributing to cost savings on electricity bills. Elevate your establishment's ambiance with these modern LED mirrors.

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