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Shower Cap - Individually Wrapped (1000pcs/Per Case)

Shower Cap - Individually Wrapped (1000pcs/Per Case)

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Prepare for superior hair protection with our 1000-pack of individually packaged shower caps. Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, these caps are crafted from durable, waterproof material to maintain hairstyles. Each cap is individually wrapped, ensuring convenience and hygiene.

Featuring a spacious design, our shower caps offer extensive coverage for all hair types, guaranteeing effective protection against moisture during showers and baths.

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  • Quantity: Available in 100pcs per pack, 1000pcs per case
  • Packaging: Individually Wrapped
  • Material: Durable and Waterproof
  • Size: Generous Fit for All Hair Types


  • Hotel/Hospitality/Business: Enhance your hotel or hospitality amenities with our 1000-pack of shower caps. Guests will value the attention to their comfort and convenience, making it ideal for hotels, spas, and other businesses that prioritize guest satisfaction.
  • Retail/Airbnb: Perfect for retailers, and Airbnb accommodations. Guests will appreciate the convenience and hygienic aspect of individually wrapped shower caps, providing a salon-like experience while preserving their hairstyles.

Product Care

  • Store the shower caps in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the shower cap for single-use only, and dispose of it after use.
  • Keep away from sharp objects to avoid

Sample Requests

  • We are happy to provide samples for testing; just cover shipping costs.
  • The sample cost is equivalent to the by-piece price. Any additional
    expenses will be credited to your account when you place a bulk order
    for the same product. For example, if the by-piece price is $5, the bulk
    price is $1.5, and the bulk order will credit $3.5 (5 - 1.5 = 3.5).
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