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Luxe Hydration Conditioner Amenity Refill - 5L (4pcs/Per Box)

Luxe Hydration Conditioner Amenity Refill - 5L (4pcs/Per Box)

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Introducing the Luxe Hydration Conditioner Amenity Refill in a convenient 5-liter bulk size – the epitome of luxury and sustainability in hair care. This premium conditioner is meticulously crafted to transform every haircare routine into a lavish experience while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Formulated with an exquisite blend of nourishing ingredients, the Luxe Hydration Conditioner deeply hydrates and revitalizes hair, leaving it silky-smooth and irresistibly soft. Enriched with botanical extracts, this indulgent formula not only detangles and strengthens hair but also enhances its natural shine, promoting a healthy and radiant look. 

The 5-liter bulk size is designed for those who seek the perfect balance of opulence and practicality. Ideal for high-end hotels, salons, and spas, this refill option not only caters to discerning clients but also reflects a commitment to sustainable practices. The eco-friendly packaging reduces waste, allowing businesses to provide a luxurious experience while minimizing their environmental footprint.

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Luxe Hydration Conditioner Amenity Refill - 5L is a hotel bathroom amenity that is designed to strengthen and hydrate hair fibers. It comes in a convenient 5-liter bulk size and is formulated with high-quality, professional-grade ingredients such as amino and fatty acids that replenish your hair’s natural oils and improve its elasticity.


 The conditioner is enriched with botanical extracts that not only detangle and strengthen hair but also enhance its natural shine, promoting a healthy and radiant look. This product is intended for use in hotels and other hospitality settings as an amenity refill

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