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Custom Made Bed Scarf (Avant Garde Ridges)

Custom Made Bed Scarf (Avant Garde Ridges)

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Introduce a contemporary touch to your guestroom with our specially crafted bed scarf, boasting advanced ridges that redefine modern elegance. This custom-designed accessory effortlessly amplifies the style of any bedding ensemble, adding a unique flair to your hospitality space. Immerse guests in the comfort of the finest 100% cotton material, promising a luxurious feel that transforms your guests sleep space into a haven of relaxation.

Our bed scarves go beyond aesthetics, offering a practical solution for both durability and maintenance. Choose from a diverse range of custom designs, each tailored to withstand the test of time while ensuring easy care. The thoughtful combination of style and functionality makes these scarves an ideal addition to any guestroom setting.

Embrace the opportunity to curate your hospitality space with a personalized touch, selecting from our wide array of custom designs. Whether you prefer subtle sophistication or bold statements, our bed scarves cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that your guestroom reflects your unique style. Elevate hospitality bedding experience with the perfect blend of contemporary design, luxurious comfort, and practicality – because a good night's sleep should always be accompanied by exquisite style.

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With an avant-garde grooved design, our bespoke bed sheets add a unique and stylish accent to your guestroom decor. Bed sheets are usually made to the specific dimensions of a bed and are made from a variety of high-quality materials such as cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers.

The avant-garde ridge design features bold, dynamic shapes that bring movement and energy to the space. Ridges can be created using a variety of techniques such as embroidery, appliqué, and quilting, depending on preference and the material used. 


Ideal for  Hotel, Airbnb, Cottage, Resort, Shelter, Retirement Homes, Campuses, Banquets, and Spas.

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