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Disposable Plastic Hotel Hair Comb (1000pcs/Per Bag)

Disposable Plastic Hotel Hair Comb (1000pcs/Per Bag)

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Elevate guest grooming standards with our Disposable Plastic Hotel Hair Comb. This compact comb is a perfect addition to hotel amenities. Each comb comes individually bagged, ensuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene for every guest. Its compact size makes it easy to store and distribute to guests, making it a perfect addition to hotel amenities. Enhance your guests' experience—order now!

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: Single-use
  • Quantity: Available in 100pcs and 1000pcs per Bag
  • Size: Compact and portable


  • Hotel/Hospitality/Business: Enhance your hotel amenities with the Disposable Plastic Hotel Hair Comb. Guests will value the attention to their comfort and convenience, making it an essential grooming tool for hotels, motels, and hospitality businesses.

  • Retail/Airbnb: Ideal for retail settings, and Airbnb accommodations. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful addition of a disposable comb, making it convenient for their hair grooming needs during their stay.

Product Care

  • Dispose of the comb after use.
  • Store in a clean and dry place.
  • For hygiene purposes, avoid sharing combs between individuals.
  • Do not use the comb if the packaging is damaged or compromised.
  • Eco-friendly disposal is recommended. Please follow local waste disposal guidelines.

Sample Requests

  • We are happy to provide samples for testing; just cover shipping costs.
  • The sample cost is equivalent to the by-piece price. Any additional
    expenses will be credited to your account when you place a bulk order
    for the same product. For example, if the by-piece price is $5, the bulk
    price is $1.5, and the bulk order will credit $3.5 (5 - 1.5 = 3.5).
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