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Electrostatic Sprayer with Rechargeable Battery

Electrostatic Sprayer with Rechargeable Battery

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This electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is an ideal solution for efficient cleaning in spacious areas. Engineered to minimize carrying weight, it's highly portable. With a 4L liquid capacity, it ensures extended working hours before refilling. Attach it to the housekeeping cart for pre or post-room cleaning. Its lightweight design facilitates easy mobility around the hotel for comprehensive cleaning

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Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces can be accomplished with the help of a device known as an electrostatic sprayer with a rechargeable battery. The disinfectant solution is charged by the sprayer using electrostatic technology, allowing it to adhere to surfaces more effectively and evenly.

The sprayer has a battery that can be recharged, making it easy to move and move around. This is especially helpful for larger areas or surfaces that are hard to reach, where traditional cleaning methods may be difficult or take a long time.

Because they can cover a large area quickly, electrostatic sprayers are particularly effective at disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. The sprayer's charged particles produce a fine mist that easily adheres to and can reach difficult-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices.


Use for mass disinfection of specific rooms and furniture (i.e. living room) to promote hygiene and cleanliness.

Rapidly and effectively disinfect hotel rooms with this portable sprayer after each guest. Works well on hotel furniture, especially in lobbies and rooms.

Product Care

• Only fill with appropriate and compatible cleaning fluids
• Consistently recharge to maintain battery levels

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