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Liquor Trolleys

Liquor Trolleys

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Facilitate smooth liquor transportation with our Liquor Trolleys, designed for easy mobility. The handlebars prevent drinks from falling and provide an additional pushing option. Available in Gold or Silver. Explore our Platform Luggage Trolley too.



A liquor trolley, also known as a bar cart or serving cart, is a piece of mobile furniture designed to store and transport bottles, glasses, and other serving accessories. They frequently have shelves, drawers, and racks for storing various types of liquor and barware.

Liquor trolleys are a popular way to serve drinks in homes, hotels, and bars because they are both stylish and convenient. They can be used to display your favourite liquors, mixers, and glassware, as well as to add a decorative touch to a room.


Our Liquor Trolleys allow easy transportation of your liquor from one place to another. Prevents liquor from falling out, spilling everywhere.

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