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Handheld Electric Spray Gun With Rechargeable Battery

Handheld Electric Spray Gun With Rechargeable Battery

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Introducing our Portable Electric Spray Gun—a versatile tool for swift disinfection in hotels or hospitality settings. Easy to use, cordless, and powered by a robust lithium battery. Experience efficient and mobile disinfection. Contact us for details.

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A hand-held electric spray gun with a rechargeable battery is a portable tool for applying liquids like paint, varnish, or stain to surfaces. The motor that drives the spraying mechanism receives power from the device's rechargeable battery.

The electric spray gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of tasks due to its handheld design. It can be used to paint walls, furniture, outdoor surfaces, and touch-up work on automobiles, for instance.

Using a handheld electric spray gun gives you a more even and consistent coat of paint or other liquid material, which is one of the main advantages. The device is made to atomize the liquid into a fine mist that can be sprayed evenly onto surfaces for a consistent and smooth finish. When a high-quality finish is desired or when the surface is particularly large, this is especially helpful.


Rapidly and effectively disinfect hotel rooms with this portable sprayer after each guest. Works well on hotel furniture, especially in lobbies and rooms.

Use for mass disinfection of specific rooms and furniture (i.e. living room) to promote hygiene and cleanliness.

Product Care

• Only fill with appropriate and compatible cleaning fluids
• Recharge the battery consistently to maintain power levels

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