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Ideal Hospitality Grade Pool Towel (From 24x46'') (36pcs/Per Box)

Ideal Hospitality Grade Pool Towel (From 24x46'') (36pcs/Per Box)

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Introducing our Ideal Swim Towel, a harmonious blend of functionality and style meticulously crafted for the rigorous demands of hotels, motels, vacation homes, and Airbnb accommodations. Constructed from 100% cotton fabric, these towels guarantee excellent absorbency, meeting the needs of guests in swimming and recreational environments.

What sets our Ideal Swim Towel apart is its unique dyeing process, meticulously executed to retain vibrant colors. Say goodbye to worries about color fading or bleaching – these towels maintain their aesthetic appeal, ensuring a lasting and vibrant look. Elevate your guests' experience with our Ideal Swim Towel, where functionality meets enduring style in every dip and dry.

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    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Excellent absorbency
    • Unique color retention process
    • Sizes: 24x46" (9lbs/dz), 26x50" (10lbs/dz)



    • Hotel/Hospitality/Airbnb: The Ideal Hospitality Grade Pool Towel serves as a versatile hotel supply, perfect for pools, spas, and gym facilities in hotels and motels. Enhance the guest experience in vacation homes and Airbnb accommodations with this premium quality towel.
    • Retail: An excellent choice for retail, this towel brings spa-level luxury to bathrooms and poolside. The durability and vibrant color retention also make it a valuable addition to linen supplies.

    Product Care

    Product Care:

    • Cleaning and Maintenance: Launder using a mild detergent. Avoid bleach to maintain color vibrancy. Tumble dry on low to medium heat.
    • Preserving Quality: Avoid direct high heat and harsh chemicals to ensure longevity and maintain the integrity of the fabric.

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