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Kraft Roll Towel Paper

Kraft Roll Towel Paper

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Elevate your establishment with our industrial-grade paper towels, meticulously crafted from premium wood pulp. Specifically designed for high-traffic areas in hotels, resorts, and banquet halls, these towels offer superior absorbency and strength, making them ideal for various wiping tasks. Their durability and quality make them perfect for continuous use in hospitality settings, ensuring that your guests and staff experience the utmost convenience and effectiveness. Upgrade to our premium industrial-grade paper towels to enhance the overall cleanliness and efficiency of your space, catering to the specific demands of busy environments where performance and reliability are paramount.

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  • Type: Kraft Roll Towel Paper
  • Material: High-quality paper
  • Color: Brown Kraft
  • Use: Suitable for cleaning tasks, wiping spills, cleaning surfaces, and drying hands.
  • Strength: Durable and reliable
  • Absorbency: Strong absorbent capabilities
  • Appearance: Natural and rustic


Shop now for efficient and versatile paper towels—ideal for hotels, Airbnb, events, resorts, shelters, retirement homes, campuses, banquets, restaurants, spas, and rehab facilities. Clean up messes with ease!

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