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Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk on Silk Duvet

Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk on Silk Duvet

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"Experience luxurious sleep with our 100% Mulberry Silk on Silk Duvet from the Exquisite Collection. Crafted with pure silk filling and an outer silk cover, it offers unparalleled comfort. Hypoallergenic and dust-mite-proof, this duvet meets health-conscious needs. The boxed, double-stitched design houses thick mulberry silk, creating a lightweight, warm, and breathable duvet. Choose high-quality, restful sleep with our Exquisite Collection."

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Presenting the Exquisite Collection Silk Duvet:

  • Size: Queen (88x88 inch)
  • Colour: White
  • Material: 100% Silk Filling with Silk Cover Casting
  • Pattern: Boxed + Double Stitched Border
  • Brand: Exquisite Collection
  • Item Weight: 10 LB

Indulge in the Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk on Silk Duvet. Filled with natural long-strand mulberry silk, it's ideal for all seasons—lightweight and breathable. The outer layer, also silk, gives it a posh appearance. High-quality construction and a soft, smooth feel ensure a restful night's sleep.

Advantages include hypoallergenic and dust mite resistance, making it perfect for sensitive skin or allergies. Silk's natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties help regulate body temperature, preventing overheating during sleep. Elevate your bedding experience with the Exquisite Collection.


Elevate hospitality experiences with our Silk on Silk Duvet. Ideal for hotels, BNBs, resorts, and more, this duvet ensures year-round comfort, especially during the coldest winter nights. The breathable silk layers trap heat without adding weight. Simplify bed-making by adding this luxurious duvet to your accommodations.

Product Care

Care for your 100% Mulberry Silk on Silk Duvet:

  1. Always use a duvet cover for protection.
  2. Hang to breathe 1-2 times a year for freshness.
  3. Avoid washing; opt for dry cleaning only to maintain the duvet's quality and longevity.

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