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Manual Dispenser - Soap/Hand Sanitizer

Manual Dispenser - Soap/Hand Sanitizer

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Introducing our Manual Dispenser for bulk sales—a versatile solution for Soap/Hand Sanitizer. Tailored for retirement homes, spas, restaurants, and hospitals, this dispenser offers a convenient and hygienic way to maintain cleanliness. Ensure a seamless hand hygiene experience for residents, guests, patrons, and healthcare professionals alike. With an emphasis on ease of use and durability, this dispenser is the ideal choice for businesses prioritizing safety and well-being. Elevate hygiene standards across diverse settings with our reliable and bulk-friendly Manual Dispenser.

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  • Material: Durable and high-quality plastic or metal construction.
  • Capacity: Generous capacity for extended usage between refills.
  • Compatibility: Accommodates various soap and hand sanitizer formulations.
  • Dispensing Mechanism: Reliable manual dispensing for controlled usage.
  • Installation: Easy wall-mount installation for convenience.


The Manual Dispenser for Soap/Hand Sanitizer is designed for convenient and hygienic hand hygiene in various settings. Users can follow these general steps for usage:

  • Installation: Mount the dispenser securely on a wall at an accessible height.
  • Refilling: Open the dispenser and refill it with your preferred soap or hand sanitizer, following the product-specific instructions.
  • Dispensing: Users can manually operate the dispenser by pressing a lever or button, releasing a controlled amount of soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Hygiene: Opt for touch-free or minimal contact designs to promote a hygienic hand hygiene experience.
  • Cleaning: Periodically clean and maintain the dispenser to ensure optimal functionality and hygiene.
  • Application: Ideal for retirement homes, spas, restaurants, and hospitals to provide a seamless hand hygiene experience for residents, guests, patrons, and healthcare professionals.

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