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Vibrant Red Luxury Bed Scarf

Vibrant Red Luxury Bed Scarf

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Introducing our Vibrant Red Luxury Bed Scarf—an elegant solution to infuse dynamism and color into your guestroom. Crafted with care, this bed scarf boasts a durable blend of 70% Egyptian cotton and 30% polyester, ensuring superior softness and warmth. Its vibrant hue brings a lively touch to your space, while the velvety texture adds depth to your hospitality bedding décor. Whether used in hotels, guest rooms, or any hospitality settings, this scarf is designed to enhance aesthetics and comfort simultaneously. Wrap your hospitality beds in luxury, experiencing the perfect blend of quality materials and striking design. Elevate your guest sleep sanctuary with the vibrant energy of our Luxury Bed Scarf, where style meets sophistication, and comfort meets color.

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Size - Quantity
Queen - 5pcs+
$89.99 per piece
Queen - 10pcs+
$79.99 per piece
Queen - 30pcs+
$69.99 per piece
King - 5pcs+ $95.99 per piece
King - 10pcs+ $85.99 per piece
King - 30pcs+ $75.99 per piece



A bright red plush bed scarf is an attractive and eye-catching accessory that can add elegance and sophistication to any guestroom. Bed sheets are usually made to the specific dimensions of the bed and are made from a variety of high-quality materials such as silk, velvet and synthetic fibers. Bright red is bold and vibrant, perfect for adding a pop of color to neutral bedding or to complement other red décor elements in the guestroom. The plush fabric and texture of the bed shawl adds comfort and warmth to your hospitality bed and also acts as a decorative element. 


Ideal for any Hospitality settings, Hotel, Airbnb, Cottage, Resort, Shelter, Retirement Homes, Campuses, Banquets, and Spas.

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