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Telescopic Stand Dispenser

Telescopic Stand Dispenser

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Introducing our Telescopic Stand Dispenser for bulk sales—an innovative solution for Soap/Hand Sanitizer. Tailored for retirement homes, spas, restaurants, and hospitals, this dispenser combines flexibility with a modern design. Adjust the height effortlessly to accommodate various spaces. Offering convenience and hygiene, it ensures a seamless hand hygiene experience for residents, guests, patrons, and healthcare professionals. Elevate adaptability and prioritize cleanliness effortlessly. Make the smart choice for safety and well-being with our Telescopic Stand Dispenser, ideal for businesses aiming for top-tier hygiene in bulk.


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  • Material: Durable and adjustable telescopic stand for flexibility.
  • Design: Modern and sleek design for aesthetic appeal.
  • Dispensing Mechanism: Manual or automatic dispensing options available.
  • Compatibility: Accommodates various soap and hand sanitizer formulations.
  • Height Adjustment: Effortlessly adjust the height to accommodate different spaces.
  • Capacity: Generous capacity for extended use between refills.
  • Refillable: Quick and easy refill process to minimize downtime.
  • Application: Versatile use in retirement homes, spas, restaurants, and hospitals.
  • Hygiene: Designed to provide a seamless and hygienic hand hygiene experience.
  • Adaptability: Telescopic stand allows for easy customization based on space requirements.


The usage of the Telescopic Stand Dispenser involves the following steps:

  • Assembly: Set up the telescopic stand dispenser by assembling its components.
  • Placement: Adjust the stand height to fit the desired location, accommodating various spaces.
  • Refilling: Open the dispenser and refill it with your preferred soap or hand sanitizer following the product-specific instructions.
  • Dispensing (Manual): For manual dispensers, users can press or operate the dispenser to release the desired amount of soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Dispensing (Automatic): If automatic, the dispenser senses hands' proximity and dispenses an appropriate amount of soap or hand sanitizer touchlessly.
  • Hygiene: The dispenser is designed to offer a seamless and hygienic hand hygiene experience, especially with touch-free or minimal contact designs.
  • Adjustability: Utilize the telescopic feature to adapt the stand height based on space requirements.
  • Cleaning: Periodically clean and maintain the dispenser to ensure optimal functionality and hygiene.
  • Application: Versatile use in retirement homes, spas, restaurants, and hospitals, providing a customizable and accessible solution for maintaining high hygiene standards.

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